Background & Objectives

The International Conference on Communication and Media 2014: Communication, Empowerment and Governance: The 21st Century Enigma better known as i-COME'14 is the fourth international conference organized by the Communication Department from the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication, Universiti Utara Malaysia.

The conference provides a broad platform for the discussion of emergent and interconnected issues from shaped by the meaning of communication, governance and empowerment as understood in the Asia-Pacific region as well as other parts of the world. The 2014 theme "Communication, Empowerment and Governance: The 21st Century Enigma" is aimed to advance scholarship in the field of communication that can be of benefit to communities experiencing change.

Communication in the 21st century is transforming rapidly through the globalization of organizations and digital technologies. Communication not only shapes organizational governance and empowerment but also influences our ways of thinking. Because of these twin forces, the roles of communication must be explored in the context of organizational governance and the impact media on society.

The economic crisis East Asian countries just before the turn of the 21st century and Europe a decade or so later have proven to be a transformative factor creating local conflict and change (e.g., leadership transitions and uneven liberalization of global economic policies, among others) and creating new organizing processes forcing disparate countries together in closer interactions. In these closer interactions, pressures for conformity and adherence to institutional norms have became manifest. But the basic clash between Western-based conceptions of liberal economic regionalism and the Asian value of mercantilism has created conflicts making future cooperation more difficult.

We invite papers from everyone to discuss crucial concerns (and their potential solutions) related to emergent, interconnected elements from various communication, organizational government perspectives and empowerment that influence our ways of thinking in the context of the basic clash between Western-based conceptions of liberal economic regionalism and the Asian value of mercantilism.


The conference is designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To discuss current issues, concerns, and challenges related to communication and media
  • To share academic and practical experiences on communication and media in terms of instruction, pedagogy, research outcomes, and institutional practices, among others
  • To establish a global network of scholars and professionals in various fields of communication and media
  • To come up with a publication of scholarly works on communication and media that have both local appeal and global perspectives
  • To promote SMMTC in particular and UUM in general as active players in local, regional, and international higher education, more specifically in management and allied sciences such as communication and media


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